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"My staff is extremely happy with the work being provided. They felt that you were easy to work with, learned quickly when issues were brought to your attention and were really helping them better manage their accounts.
Once again, thank you for the work you are doing. It is really making an impact in our operations."
Chief Operating Officer, Medical Billing Company,CA


HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, is revolutionizing Read More 


  Ascent’s operations are headquartered in a world class facility spread over 70000 sq. ft. in Nagpur and Kolkata. Nagpur is emerging as one of the fastest growing BPO satellite townships in India due to the following strengths:  
    • International Airport
• Logistically the Centre Spot of India with good intra country connectivity by air, rail and road.
• Robust infrastructure : Telecom, Legal, Education, Medical Facilities, Roads etc.
• Highly cosmopolitan population with literacy rates of 80%+
• Large pool of qualified graduates due to opulence of Educational Institutes. Nagpur district has 27 Engineering Colleges, 11 Medical
  Colleges and 40+ Science and Commerce Graduation Institutes of High Quality
    Technology and Connectivity:  
  Ascent’s facility is constituted by:  
    • 150 IBM Pentium workstations per shift
• Structured LAN segmented using Cisco Layer 3 Switched
• IBM xSeries Servers in a mirrored configuration
• Connectivity redundancy through leased lines from 2 operators (1Mbps and 512kbps backup) and ISDN Lines
• Hardware and software based firewall policy
• 128 bit SSL encryption of data
    Telecom Connectivity for Voice:  
  Ascent uses state of the art VoIP solution riding over a 1Mbps backbone to connect to its clients in the US.The connectivity is split across two carriers to provide diversity. The last mile at US end is via multiple providers.  
    Business Continuity Planning:  
  In addition to the diversity and redundancy built in for the WAN, a combination of methods are used to ensure extremely high uptime and availability of all computing systems, including RAID, equipment duplication, onsite parts sparing & support personnel, and secondary maintenance procedures. A mix of DDS-3 DAT tapes and CD backups are used daily on rotation basis, and also stored offsite as per policy.  
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