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"My staff is extremely happy with the work being provided. They felt that you were easy to work with, learned quickly when issues were brought to your attention and were really helping them better manage their accounts.
Once again, thank you for the work you are doing. It is really making an impact in our operations."
Chief Operating Officer, Medical Billing Company,CA


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At Ascent, we are committed to provide you accurate coding services, that is compliant with the government regulations. Our vast team of CPC and CPC-H certified coders, aided by our excellent training programs, remain on top of the changes by various carrier groups thereby ensuring optimal reimbursements for our healthcare clients.
      Highlights of Ascent’s Coding centre of excellence:  
• Ascent's AAPC certified coding team is proficient with CPT, ICD-9, HCPCS level II and DRG codes across various specialties
• Coding in accordance with NCCI (National Correct Coding Initiatives) and LCD (Local coverage decision and medical policies) as per  set rules for different states across US
• Trained and Monitored by PMCC certified Trainers
• The coders complete a comprehensive training program and are involved in continuing education programs.
• Quality and Compliance continually monitored via a Corporate Quality Assurance Program and a Corporate Compliance Program.
• Minimum accuracy deliverables of over 95% and above on both CPT and ICD components.
• Ascent provide 24 to 48 hour turn-around of all completed source documents.
• Confidence in coding policies and procedures, and appropriate and accurate managed contract advice and reports.


Ascent’s expertise in healthcare documentation, compliance standards, coding capabilities and our investments in skills up-gradation of our resources have established us as the preferred service provider for marquee clients across USA.
We use the following industry coding standards:

  • Diagnosis Codes (ICD: International Classification of Disease)
• Procedure Codes (CPT: Current Procedural Terminology)
• Coding for Inpatient Services (ICD)
•  Drug Codes (NDC: National Drug Codes)
• Dental Procedure Codes (CDT: Current Dental Terminology)
•  Other Procedure Codes (HCPCS: Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System)
  Ascent's coding team ensures that continuous updates are sent to our clients to keep up with minimum documentation and to allow our team to bill for maximum accurate reimbursements for services rendered by them.
  We provide regular feedback to our clients on changes in code selections affecting reimbursements and front-office documentation practices to be followed as per CMS guidelines for appropriate reimbursements to physicians as well as insights into coding related denial analysis. Our expertise in E/M Evaluation & Management Services have driven clients across US to use our services for physician education and audits on coding done by other billing companies and/ or physicians themselves.  

Ascent’s pool of highly skilled Medical Coders has worked on multi-speciality and multi-disciplinary requirements.The following are some specialities that we have worked with although we are not limited to these specialities:

  • Ambulance Coding
  • Pediatric nephrology Coding
  • Cardiology Coding
  • Pediatric neurology Coding
  • Chiropractic Coding
  • Pediatrics Coding
  • Dental Coding
  • Physical therapy Coding
  • Emergency room Coding
  • Psychiatry Coding
  • Endocrinology Coding
  • Radiology Coding
  • Gastroenterology Coding
  • Rheumatology Coding
  • Internal medicine Coding
  • Skilled nursing facility Coding
  • Orthopaedic Coding   • Urgent care Coding  


Files are audited by a certified senior coding staff who checks on the accuracy of the codes assigned. Our quality assurance team verifies that the charts for up-coding or down-coding will ensure maximum reimbursement and fewer or no denials.


  Ascent’s expertise in healthcare documentation, compliance standards,coding capabilities and our investments in skills up-gradation of our resources have established us as the preferred service provider for marquee clients across USA.  
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