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"My staff is extremely happy with the work being provided. They felt that you were easy to work with, learned quickly when issues were brought to your attention and were really helping them better manage their accounts.
Once again, thank you for the work you are doing. It is really making an impact in our operations."
Chief Operating Officer, Medical Billing Company,CA


HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, is revolutionizing Read More 

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Operations Head
Experience and Qualification • 10+ years of work experience of which at least years should be in a supervisory position not below the level of a Team Leader/ Team Coach and handling a team of at least 80 members in RCM industry.
• Measures target achievements, skills and behavior at work
• Fluency in English Language
• Excellent verbal and written communication
• Customer Service oriented, assimilate with co-employees
• Ability to grasp, relate and quick response
• To build fun and frolic at work place to reduce the stress among the team members and boost their morale
• Interaction with team members and superiors at regular intervals, share knowledge and information among the team members
• Commitment, Logical Thinking, Deliberate the decisions, Play a role model, open for suggestion
• Identify Training Needs for an Agent to acquire/enhance the required skill sets
• Effective people management, grievance handling, conflict resolution.
Key Responsibilities • To draw action plan, implement and review
• To organize resources for effective execution of operation plans
• To use resources to optimum level for achieving targets and productivity
• To take proper initiatives to strengthen the team to achieve higher targets and enhance the productivity
• To ensure the clients/customers satisfaction through the project implementation
• To co-ordinate with clients on a regular basis and build rapport with client with an objective to maintain fruitful relationship and reach business goals
• To play key role between client and the company
• To assist the Management in start-up of new projects
• To advise the management to explore on the new business opportunities
• To build confidence and trust among the employees for smooth operations and achieving targets
• To maintain the efficiency level
• Adhere to the norms specified as per the Quality standard
• To ensure client satisfaction by the delivery of quality services and quality products
• To review the MIS reports and take corrective steps to strengthen the productivity/people
• To appraise the performance of the team members at the regular intervals
• Access to all client communication
• To allocate shifts, sanction compensatory off and weekly offs to the subordinates
• To identify the training needs of subordinates
• To sanction the reimbursement of the expenses incurred on conveyance by the subordinates while travelling to and fro during the exigencies of work
• To sanction the leaves to the subordinate staff as per the Leave Rules of the company
• To co-ordinate with Clients and take an appropriate decisions regarding operations
• To maintain the discipline at shop floor
• Recommend the rewards/incentives to the employees in token of the appreciation/recognition of their efforts in achieving set targets or even crossing the target on daily/weekly/monthly basis as per Company policy

Benefits • High growth Opportunities.
• Excellent work atmosphere.
• Remuneration commensurate with industry standards
Location of work Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
Medical Billing
Medical Coding
Accounts Receivable
Medical Transcription
System Administrator

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