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Ascent’s unparalleled service delivery and quality is made possible through our Best-of-Breed protocols spanning across our Engagement Process, Quality Management, Training and Compliance programs. We leverage a proven operational model that is designed to fit seamlessly into your organizational structure by improving revenue, internal costs, cash flow, profit margins, timeliness and patient relationships.


Ascent offers flexible Engagement Models that have been developed and refined through our experiences across multiple care settings and client nuances. We can target and transform a discreet component of your revenue cycle or engage in end-to-end revenue cycle transformation based on your requirements.

We recognize that each healthcare organization has its own set of strategic, operational, and financial challenges. Our experienced teams tailor our solutions and delivery to achieve your desired outcomes.

Our approach to engagement involves a detailed assessment of the enterprise business processes and financial performance. We pay specific attention to:

  • Billing Operations Review

    Evaluate the Medical Billing & Accounts Receivable processes and protocols

  • Coding Review

    Evaluate appropriateness of coding levels and cases of under/over-coding

  • Collection Performance Assessment

    Calculate collection target and compare to actual performance

  • Documentation Compliance

    Evaluate medical record documentation for sufficiency to meet government payer requirements for the E&M CPT codes charged

  • Computer System

    Assess reporting capabilities along with current management reporting. Develop set of standard reports for periodic practice review

  • Establish Corrective Measures


Ascent is committed to business excellence, including the systematic use of Quality Management principles and tools in Revenue Cycle Management that improve performance and lead to enhanced customer experience. Our business excellence framework is designed to achieve Assurance, Control and Continual Improvement of services provided to our clients. We implement ISO International Standards aimed at building and developing more efficient and effective business practices.

We also have a robust Quality Management team, which identifies and catches errors before claims are delivered to the payer for processing.

Our statistically driven review methods ensure that we cover all aspects of work produced by operations, while our quality performance is benchmarked against the highest level of industry accuracy thresholds.

Ascent’s gap analysis and recommendations through this system not only helps our internal teams and external clients increase their process efficiencies, but also reduce non-conformities and proactively identify risk areas.

Following is our Quality Management Process:


Due to the dynamic nature of today’s healthcare environment, Ascent invests heavily in the educational development of all its employees, which results in consistently exceptional outcomes.

Ascent’s training division is headed by PMCC Certified Trainers and SMEs for all aspects of RCM , Coding, Billing , A/R Follow-up and Patient Engagement.

We conduct regular employee training programs to ensure that our clients get the most accurate, compliant and efficient services from Ascent.


All learning programs are conducted through the iLearn Program, our in-house training center, using both classroom-based and online curriculums. This dedicated center offers many conventional and leading-edge educational programs for employees at all levels.

The three key educational initiatives are:

  • Executive Training
  • Certification
  • Learning and Development Program.


The Security of PHI, Data, Network, Hardware/Software & Physical Infrastructure are top priorities at Ascent. Our security parameters are based on HIPAA, HITECH and HITRUST, and we follow highest standards when it comes to maintaining security.

We conduct an audit trail on all our employees who have access to sensitive patient data or other critical healthcare information. Our compliance processes and technology also follow HIPAA’s security and confidentiality guidelines regarding patients’ Protected Health Information (PHI).

We have stringent security policies to ensure data security, network security, site security and personnel security. Our internet usage policies, company usage policies and software/hardware warranties further ensure that security is maintained by all our employees. Our security highlights include:

Chief Compliance Officer

Robust IT Security & Physical Security Environment

Comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Program since 2005

  • Security of PHI

Mandatory HIPAA Training Program

HITRUST Certification: In process by E&Y

Comprehensive Policy Framework:

  • Access Control; Audit Control; Removal of Equipment; Workstation Use; Security Incident Procedures, Etc.


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